Mining of platinum group metals in Norilsk Industrial District
  • Country
    Russian Federation
  • Region
  • Group Company
    Russian Platinum

About the Project

A complex project with the common infrastructure: two similar deposits with a unique ore base.

  • The southern part of Norilsk-1 is the world’s largest undeveloped platinum group metals deposit containing nickel, copper, cobalt and secondary elements.
  • Chernogorskoye deposit consists of one large simply-shaped ore body at a small depth. This is the only deposit in the Norilsk Industrial District with ore body outcrops.
The project will make the company one of the world’s top three PGM producers

The world’s largest undeveloped platinum-palladium deposit

Unique ore base in the region with a long history of mining and developed infrastructure

Favorable geological conditions: shallow depths, thick ore bodies with high content of PGMs and non-ferrous metals

Best international environmental standards

Modern technologies of global leaders


The project is being implemented in Norilsk Industrial District of Krasnoyarsk Territory.
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Key indicators

The enterprise is being created in Krasnoyarsk Territory comparable in scale to one operating in Norilsk Industrial District.

6,000 jobs will be created.

Development of two fields as part of an integrated project ensures synergy
Metal resources
million ounces 4E
4Е: platinum, palladium, rhodium, gold
Balance reserves
tonnes 4E
Life of mine
Resource base upside potential
up to 15%
Mineral resources
million tonnes
Ore reserves
million tonnes
  • The only deposit in Norilsk Industrial District where ore reaches the daylight surface
  • Disseminated sulfide ores, uniform mineral distribution
  • The license for exploration and production of copper-nickel ores was obtained in 2006 for 20 years and will be extended to 2043 in accordance with the development project
  • Life span of the field - 20 years
Mineral resources
mln tonnes
Ore reserves
mln tonnes

Average metal content in ore

Metals 4E Copper Nickel Cobalt
3.19 g/t 0.25% 0.20% 0.013%



  • The world’s largest undeveloped PGM field
  • Vein-disseminated ores with 450-800 m depth
  • License for exploration and production of nickel, copper, cobalt and associated components obtained in 2013 for 20 years
  • Life span of the field - 50 years
Mineral resources
mln tonnes
Ore reserves
mln tonnes

Average metal content in ore

Metals 4E Copper Nickel Cobalt
5.08 g/t 0.36% 0.26% 0.012%



Project Implementation