Development of Nakhodka Oil-Loading Sea Port

Nakhodka Port (Nefteport), located in Novitsky Bay on the western coast of Nakhodka Bay, is the largest special-purpose commercial seaport on the Pacific coast of the Russian Federation.

Alliance Group initiated the Nefteport’s development project in 2002, when the company became a part of Alliance Oil Company.

For the period from March 2002 to June 2006, Nefteport went through the financial rehabilitation procedure, implemented management improvement and upgrade programs, expanded the scope of its operations and services. The Company established its own bunkering facility in compliance with best industry practices, renovated the oil tanker pier, including  deepening operations to accommodate ships with displacement up to 80,000  tonnes. The Company also adopted a comprehensive environmental protection program with a continuous environmental monitoring system.

In 2005, Nefteport shipped approx. 6 million tonnes of petroleum products and provided its services to more than a 1,000 ships. 

At the end of 2005, Alliance Group was among a few pioneers to implement a public-private partnership at Nefteport, by signing an agreement with the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transportation. 

In 2006, Nefteport was acquired by the state-owned Rosneft oil company as part of earlier agreements.  As a result of the deal, a closed-loop production facility (one of the largest not only in the Russian Far East, but throughout Russia) was successfully created in Nakhodka Bay. 

2002 - 2006

Alliance Oil Company